Moving from NT PDC to Samba PDC

Paolo Supino paolo at
Tue Dec 21 11:35:43 GMT 1999


   I have a mixed network of Linux machines (RH 5.1) and NT WS (4-SP5)
machines. All my servers are Linux based (2 servers). There is a 3rd
server that acts as PDC (and it's his sole purpose in life)and
authenticates every SMB connection (be it to a Samba share or a NT share).
I want to move the PDC role from this NT (and move the computer to another
role) to one of the linux based servers. I have the following questions:

1. Do I have to upgrade all the samba servers to 2.x version of Samba or
can I get away with only upgrading the server that will act as PDC (samba
on RH 5.1 was 1.9.18p10). What advantages/disadvatage can will I ancounter
in either case? 

2. What kind of pitfalls will I ancounter when trasitioning the role. 

3. Can I leave the current domain name and general settings (which people
got acastomed to) or should I bring up a new domain and move everyone to
the new domain (and try to retain as much as possible of the old domain)? 



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