Problem with PDC machine passwd change and clients with nonpersistent disks

Peter Schauer pes at
Tue Dec 21 11:11:54 GMT 1999

I am having a problem with vmware nonpersistent disks, running NT workstation,
which are using samba as a PDC.

After about a week the NT workstation tries to change the machine password
on the PDC during the netlogon process.
This succeeds, and the PDC now has an updated machine passwd in smbpasswd.
But the nonpersistent disk image will still have the _old_ machine passwd,
and after the next virtual machine start, users are unable to log into the PDC
(as the machine passwd authentication fails for obvious reasons).

Does anybody know if NT can be tricked into _not_ updating the machine
passwd ?


Peter Schauer			pes at

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