Problems when joining a domain

Skidmore, Stanley G stanley.g.skidmore at
Fri Dec 17 19:47:04 GMT 1999

I am using Samba 2.0.6 funning on a Solaris 7 Sparc machine. I am trying to join an existing Windoze domain.

So far, I have performed the following steps:

- created a machine account on the NT domain with the NETBIOS name of the Samba machine using server manager for domains on an NT box and synched the domain
- Added the password server = parameter to smb.conf to point to the domain PDC
- Stopped all SMB & NMB services on the Samba box
Issued the command, as root, ./smbpasswd -j NT-BLV

This is the error message I received:

# ./smbpasswd -j NT-BLV
modify_trust_password: machine NT-BLV-27.CA.BOEING.COM rejected the session setu
p. Error was : code 131.
1999/12/17 11:33:00 : change_trust_account_password: Failed to change password f
or domain NT-BLV.
Unable to join domain NT-BLV.                                                  

	Does anyone have any idea about what is causing this behavior?

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