CVS update: samba/source/include (fwd)

Jim Troutman jlt at
Fri Dec 17 23:52:52 GMT 1999

> if you don't speak up in favour, start/stop services as remote
> administrator certainly won't ever get added.  if you are just a unix

I hate the idea of NT guys controlling unix boxes, but I concede that this
would go a long way toward the further acceptance of real server operating
systems in the PC world by the NT bigots.

I would suggest that this stuff would NEVER be turned on by default, and
come with all kinds of warnings about security and so forth.  It should
have access control settings built into it too (for what IP addresses or
machine name should be allowed to use such an RPC tool). 

For the record, I admin lots of boxes (about 5000 desktops worth), mostly
Linux, SCO, and NT.

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