NT maps shares

Micha Holzmann holzmann at mhnet.de
Thu Dec 16 11:06:00 GMT 1999

Hello Luk,

> i have also meet this problem. for win9x its ok, but for win nt 4.0 sp4,
> problem spotted. it should be related to the "net use" problem. for win9x,
> the os won't remeber the NT shares connection (win95 b), but nt 4.0 sp4
> do. so, use "net use" to disable the ability to re-connect the shares in
> the NT login scropt. i can't recall the exact command now, it should be
> available on the help of the dos shell, look into "net use help" to check
> out the exact command.
> hope this help.

this is not the problem! I have always used the parameter:
net use drive: \\server\share/:persistent:no

I found on deja.com an answer related to this problem. I created an
registry entry. Since this it has not happen again.

I build a little REG File, if someone wants it, please mail me.

Micha Holzmann

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