Bug report w/ Intel Netcards

Canfield canfield at uindy.edu
Wed Dec 15 14:14:38 GMT 1999

A bit of a late followup, but...

The only problems we (I work with Kelly, the original poster) have seen
at all with the eepro cards are related to browsing and domain control. 
You can actually use Samba in a non-PDC environment with these cards and
have some success.

PDC is still a bit obscure at the moment, so I wouldn't trust that
someone who claims to support Linux would know about this problem.  In
fact, one of the boxes that failed was a VALinux box (and VA was unaware
of the problem).

On a positive note, I asked Don Becker (eepro driver author) if he was
aware of the problem.  He believed the problem would be fixed by using
the latest eepro driver (which is not in any of the Linux kernels, and
it sounds like it won't be any time soon).  Apparently, previous
versions of the eepro driver have multicast problems.  I don't know
enough about browsing/PDC to know if these use multicasting, but it
seems likely enough.

I won't be able to test this on our boxes until sometime in January, but
I'll let the list know at that point if the updated driver fixes the


Mike Harris wrote:
> This is a little worrying, just about to purchase a Dell PowerEdge for a
> webserver.  The ones I've used previously have all had the Intel Pro 100+
> PCI card but with 450NX and 440GX chipsets and they've worked like a dream
> (a nice one!).  This next box has a 440BX chipset.  Now Dell say they
> support RedHat 6.0 as an OS on these machines, so perhaps it's alright -
> though in the UK you can't buy it pre-installed :-(.  Jon, do you have a URL
> for that patch?
> Mike Harris,
> Psand.
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> > I have noticed that Intel cards are not great under Linux. I do see that a
> new Driver for eepro has been posted. I have liked to use Intel in the past,
> particulary the Server Adapter with the i960 RISC Processor on board; but
> due to the problems under Linux I have moved to SMC & Netgear cards. Both of
> these work great under Linux. 3COM cards I have stayed away from because of
> the horror under Windows and on Switched Networks I have experienced in the
> past. I do know 3COM has fixed a lot of this in their drivers, but who wants
> to create three floppies for a driver anyway?
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> > >>> "Kelly S. Smelser" <ksmelser at uindy.edu> 12/01/99 07:01AM >>>
> > I posted yesterday regarding problems setting up a 2nd samba
> > server as a PDC on our campus network.  It turns out that the problem
> > appears to be more of a network card related issue.  After testing the
> > scenario out on multiple servers and having no luck, I realized that all
> > of the server machines I was trying had Intel network cards.  I then tried
> > the same setup on my laptop with a 3com PCMCIA ethernet card and the PDC
> > setup worked flawlessly.  The machines that were not working properly were
> > an Intel T440BX motherboard with integrated eepro 10/100 network interface
> > and a machine with a PCI Intel EtherExpress 10/100 (i82555) card.  Has
> > anyone else noticed similar problems with this hardware?
> >
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