Bug report w/ Intel Netcards

Mike Harris mike at psand.net
Thu Dec 2 10:34:29 GMT 1999

This is a little worrying, just about to purchase a Dell PowerEdge for a
webserver.  The ones I've used previously have all had the Intel Pro 100+
PCI card but with 450NX and 440GX chipsets and they've worked like a dream
(a nice one!).  This next box has a 440BX chipset.  Now Dell say they
support RedHat 6.0 as an OS on these machines, so perhaps it's alright -
though in the UK you can't buy it pre-installed :-(.  Jon, do you have a URL
for that patch?

Mike Harris,
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> I have noticed that Intel cards are not great under Linux. I do see that a
new Driver for eepro has been posted. I have liked to use Intel in the past,
particulary the Server Adapter with the i960 RISC Processor on board; but
due to the problems under Linux I have moved to SMC & Netgear cards. Both of
these work great under Linux. 3COM cards I have stayed away from because of
the horror under Windows and on Switched Networks I have experienced in the
past. I do know 3COM has fixed a lot of this in their drivers, but who wants
to create three floppies for a driver anyway?
> Jon
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> >>> "Kelly S. Smelser" <ksmelser at uindy.edu> 12/01/99 07:01AM >>>
> I posted yesterday regarding problems setting up a 2nd samba
> server as a PDC on our campus network.  It turns out that the problem
> appears to be more of a network card related issue.  After testing the
> scenario out on multiple servers and having no luck, I realized that all
> of the server machines I was trying had Intel network cards.  I then tried
> the same setup on my laptop with a 3com PCMCIA ethernet card and the PDC
> setup worked flawlessly.  The machines that were not working properly were
> an Intel T440BX motherboard with integrated eepro 10/100 network interface
> and a machine with a PCI Intel EtherExpress 10/100 (i82555) card.  Has
> anyone else noticed similar problems with this hardware?
> k
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