cyrillic filenames

Michael Glauche mg at
Thu Dec 9 15:51:58 GMT 1999

Dmitry Barabanov wrote:
> Does anyone know why Samba 2.1 does not support cyrillic filenames
> while Samba 2.0.x does? Config is the same (character set = iso8859-1,
> client code page = 866)

Yes .. because you should only use 2.1 as PDC, not as fileserver.
There are numerous bugs/fixes/new stuff in the 2.0.x Fileserver code,
which are missing in the 2.1.x tree. 
Several people seem to be working on this issue.
So ... don't use 2.1 as fileserver and dont't use 2.0.x as PDC .. :)


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