Has anybody used Netinstall with a Samba PDC

Kai Hoefler kai at ica1.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Dec 9 14:38:43 GMT 1999


I wonder if anybody has used Netinstall to install software on 
NT Workstations in connection with a Samba PDC.

The problem is that Netinstall wants to install a service which has
to run with administrator rights. We wanted to use a user which is
Domain Administrator and who is able to install the service.

The problem is that Netinstall claims that the account could not be found,
which is not true because I am able to login as the according user on
the workstation.

I suspect that Netinstall wants to browse the userlist and this is not 

Is it possible that the 2.1 beta will work?

Any comment is appreciated.

        Kai Hoefler

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