16-bit, 8.3, long filenames

Harald Hannelius Harald at iki.fi
Thu Dec 9 11:11:13 GMT 1999

Hi there, 

I know that part of this is in the FAQ, but I need some more info.

We're on a NTWKS and we try to doubleclick an MS-Access file on a

When doubleclicking files in win95 explorer, and the paths for the
files are not 8.3 compliant, all works ok. This is not the case in NT
though. We get an error from NT that shows us some mystical mangled
filename, and it tells us that it cannot open it. From 'File -> Open' it
seems to work most of the time.

How do I get doubleclick-opening of MS-Access files from the samba-server
working on the NTWKS with long filenames? (i.e. not 8.3)

Harald H Hannelius | Harald at iki.fi      | GSM +358405470870

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