Mike Harris mike at
Mon Dec 6 20:30:08 GMT 1999

password server = localhost will effectively endlessly loop your login
authentication around the same server - don't do it, it's only for remote
'pass-through' authentication by another box, Samba PDC or NT PDC.

Have you tried the version 2.0.6, it'll be more stable?

Are you running Samba as a PDC ?

Do you have an smbpasswd file ?

Also, you could look at the following parameters, they might help:

valid users = @admin
admin users = @admin

to get root access to the share for users in the UNIX group admin.

You could use the smbusers to map all other user accounts to nobody.  Or
perhaps place the users in the group nobody in the /etc/group file.

Another useful few parameters to look at are:

force group =
create mask =
directory mask =

Just some thoughts, not really a solution.

Good Luck!

Mike Harris,
Psand España.

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From: Rajeev Agrawala <rajeeva at>
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Sent: Monday, December 06, 1999 8:35 PM
Subject: security=?

> I am using samba 2.1-prealpha to test printing from NT. I need a setup
> where only users I add in smbpasswd file gets access as root and rest of
> them map to nobody. I have security=user set in my smb.conf. When I run
> smbpasswd to add accounts, it core dumps on me. I am running samab on a
> linux box running redhat 6.1.
> [root at printm bin]# ./smbpasswd
> doing parameter case sensitive = no
> doing parameter map to guest = bad password
> doing parameter smb passwd file = /LPRng/samba/private/smbpasswd
> doing parameter printcap name = /LPRng/lpd_printcap
> doing parameter print command = /LPRng/current/bin/lpr -P%p  -Zhost=%m
> -r %s
> doing parameter lpq command = /LPRng/current/bin/lpq -P%p
> doing parameter lprm command = /LPRng/current/bin/lprm -P%p  %j
> doing parameter load printers = yes
> doing parameter guest account = nobody
> doing parameter browseable = yes
> doing parameter log file = /LPRng/samba/var/log.%m
> doing parameter max log size = 50
> doing parameter locking = yes
> doing parameter lock directory = /LPRng/samba/var/locks
> doing parameter share modes = yes
> doing parameter security = user
> doing parameter name resolve order = host wins
> doing parameter nt forms file = /LPRng/samba/lib/nt/ntforms.def
> doing parameter nt printer driver = /LPRng/samba/lib/nt
> doing parameter socket options = TCP_NODELAY
> doing parameter os level = 64
> doing parameter preferred master = no
> doing parameter domain master = no
> doing parameter local master = no
> doing parameter wins support = no
> doing parameter wins server =
> doing parameter preserve case = yes
> doing parameter short preserve case = yes
> doing parameter encrypt passwords = yes
> pm_process() returned Yes
> Derived broadcast address
> Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
> cli_connect_serverlist: Domain password server not available.
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> If I add a line
> password server = localhost
> Then running smbpasswd does not core dumps, but complains that
> addition/change of password entry failed.
> Please let me know, how do I go about setting it up. What I want is
> that, a few users whom I add in smbpasswd file, should get root access
> on the machine through samba and anybody not in smbpasswd file should
> connect as nobody.
> TIA,
> rajeev

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