Rajeev Agrawala rajeeva at
Mon Dec 6 21:05:20 GMT 1999

Mike Harris wrote:
> password server = localhost will effectively endlessly loop your login
> authentication around the same server - don't do it, it's only for remote
> 'pass-through' authentication by another box, Samba PDC or NT PDC.

I understand that. The point I was trying to make, is that the smbpasswd
program does not core dumps if I add this line.

> Have you tried the version 2.0.6, it'll be more stable?
No. I want to try 2.1.prealpha, because it supports printing from NT,
including drivers download to NT machines.

> Are you running Samba as a PDC ?
No. My security setting is security = user. Does it have to be PDC to
use smbpasswd file ?

> Do you have an smbpasswd file ?
Yes I do. I created the file using cat /etc/passwd |



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