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This is covered in the FAQ. Seems you are missing something.

(1) you need to use encrypted passwords. You can hack the smb.conf file. You
must also create the samba password file, and you can do that with
mksmbpasswd.sh. try something like cat /etc/passwd | mksmbpasswd.sh >
(3) You need to create an account for your machine in the /etc/passwd file.
Remember to add the dollar sign $ after the machine name. For sake of
security, set the shell to something like /bin/false
(4) Add it with the smbpasswd file. Smbpasswd -a -m foo. Btw, the a stands
for add account, m stands for machine account.
(5) Try joining the domain from the nt workstation. You cannot use the
create accoutn option yet because it doesn't work yet. You'll get a beatiful
message saying welcome to xyz domain.
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I couldn't install that CVS as I don't have an internet connection on the
machine, like somebody said I need.
I believe though, that Samba2.0.3 can be a PDC, I am having trouble though.

I have set up the smb.conf file 'domain logons =yes', and the name of the
On my WinNT4 machine, I try and change the network config to look for the
domain, and it says Cannot be found.
Sometimes it says - You are alreasy connected to the domain, and I have to
restart the WinNt machine to disconnect.

Is this because I am using Samba2.0.3 or WinNt - or at the worst BOTH :(.

When I check the properties of the Linux box, it does say Domain:  Samba so
I am unsure what is going on.


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