darren at mylaptop.co.uk darren at mylaptop.co.uk
Thu Dec 2 18:13:23 GMT 1999


I couldn't install that CVS as I don't have an internet connection on the machine, like somebody said I need.
I believe though, that Samba2.0.3 can be a PDC, I am having trouble though.

I have set up the smb.conf file 'domain logons =yes', and the name of the domain.
On my WinNT4 machine, I try and change the network config to look for the domain, and it says Cannot be found.
Sometimes it says - You are alreasy connected to the domain, and I have to restart the WinNt machine to disconnect.

Is this because I am using Samba2.0.3 or WinNt - or at the worst BOTH :(.

When I check the properties of the Linux box, it does say Domain:  Samba so I am unsure what is going on.


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