Any more progress on Citrix Metaframe vs. Samba PDC?

Brian Powell bpowell at
Tue Apr 27 12:11:02 GMT 1999

Hello all,

I know that some time ago Andy Polyakov posted the very useful
"Citrix Metaframe demystified" message to this list with his patch to
make Samba PDC work with NT Terminal Server (Citrix Metaframe).

We've been running the Samba PDC code with that patch since then and
our NT-TS system does, indeed work, but the problem remains of logins
to it taking a *LONG* time.  Domain logins (through Samba) on our
regular NT workstations only take about 10-20 seconds or so which is
wonderful, but all logins to the TS take about 2 minutes from the
password prompt to your desktop (non domain logins to the same system
take about 5 seconds).

This must have to do with some kind of timeouts on the registry
queries to Samba.  My question - is there any way to keep the current
functionality, but circumvent the timeouts somehow?  I'm asking for
anything like full registry support, just some "kludge" to speed up
these TS logins...

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