random, urandom ?

Alexandre Lecuyer Alexandre.Lecuyer at iu-vannes.fr
Tue Apr 27 14:05:17 GMT 1999


I have set up samba (prealpha) on a linux server (RH 5.2 + updates,
kernel 2.2.6)
and experienced a weird problem : when I launch smbd, it freezes,
and "strace" shows that it happens when it tries to read /dev/random .
this is a problem with the system, and I haven't found a solution yet.
(/dev/random doesn't output anything!)
Since we really need this running, I have changed /dev/random to
/dev/urandom in genlib.c and it seems to work OK...

Anyone has a better idea ?

Could it be a problem with the hardware ? the machine is a proliant
3000 with a smart-2 SCSI controller.

Alexandre Lécuyer
CCRI IUT-IUP de Vannes

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