Apache mod_auth_smb module : need example httpd.conf, .htaccess e tc files

James Sinnamon sinnamon at usq.edu.au
Thu Apr 22 01:27:07 GMT 1999

Dear Samba users/developers,

I need to run Samba authentication on apache running on RedHat 5.2 Linux in
a NT network.

I (believe that I) have been able to successfully compile the module into
apache ver 1.3.4, but I am having problems
in making authentication work properly.  In fact I am not sure that I can
get any authentication to work, let alone 
NT authentication.  

Would anyone know where I might find  examples of a httpd configuration
files and .htaccess files on an apache server 
that  does work? 

Thank you

James Sinnamon

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