AW: Using remote announce w/ security=domain

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Apr 16 14:09:51 GMT 1999

> > 2. Don't believe what Microsoft is telling on WINS configuration
> > (especially replication). In most situations (especially on networks
> > with small bandwidth WAN connections between), there might be better,
> > more effective solutions using combinations of NetBIOS-Broadcasts,
> > LMHOSTS and WINS if you need to use NetBIOS Name Resolution. 
> This is not a good idea. 
> LMHOSTS is evil, because it has to be maintained on all machines on your
> network. In practice, the LMHOSTS update will be done only on machines
> which need immediatly access to a particular ressouce. Then, two days
> later your telephone rings... 

worse, when you move the PDC for a network, either ip address or even
name, you run into "i can't find the network" problems.  at that point,
admins seriously consider remote access to hosts and blanket-removing all
lmhosts files...

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