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Petr Stastny happy at
Fri Apr 9 12:19:18 GMT 1999

Has anybody run successfully a Samba PDC on RedHat 5.2?

I try to do it but it doesn't matter what I do, it still doesn't work.
Domain logons for Win9x work just grets, all declared shares are
accessible even to NT workstations, but no NT workstation can join the
Samba domain. When I try to join I get the "Unable to connect to the
domain controller..." error message.

I did everything as described in the FAQ, I added a computer account for
my NT box, I issued "smbpasswd -a -m machine_name", but I get still the
same message.

I think there is some problem related to the PAM authentication. This
might be specific problem of RedHat 5.2.. Any hints appreciated.

Petr Stastny
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