Running MS Access

Roger D. roger at
Fri Apr 9 09:22:40 GMT 1999

Thanks to all that responded.  Since we are using programs that are suppose
to do their own locking...I set oplocks to false and changed the umasks as
noted below.  Everything appears to be functioning properly including the
locking in Access and Peachtree.

As a side note, the Access product works the same on the NT as on the have to exit the file to refresh the data... I didn't know that

Also we added a product call Contour (loan processing package) to the Samba
server today as well and it seems to be performing ok.

Roger D.

>I am storing peachtree accounting software on a samba server also
>this is what i used to get around the strange locks and so forth...
>made a unix group called peach and added valid users to that group
>and gave correct permissions to the unix path and added this to my smb.conf
>i don't know if this a correct way to approach this but it gives everyone
>access to the dir
>that belongs to the peachtree group
> comment = Peachtree
> path=/home/peach
> writeable = yes
> valid users = @peach
> printable = no
> browseable = no
> force group = peach
> create mask = 0770
> force create mode = 0000
> directory mask =0770
> force directory mode = 0000

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