domain groups in 2.0.3

Lawrence Doan led at
Wed Apr 7 17:28:01 GMT 1999

I'm running 2.0.3 on both linux and FreeBSD, and try as I might
I cannot get domain groups to work.

I have:

-) verified that the smbpasswd-/etc/group-\\DOMAIN namespace is unique
-) not attempted group or user mapping except for "domain admin group"

What I have observed are several interesting glitches:

-) when adding permissions to a file (properties->permissions->add) 
explorer.exe restarts itself.  Occasionally it shows mangled group and
user names.

-) sometimes valid users (users which can log into the domain) do no 
appear in add new local group-> add

-) unix groups *never* appear in add new local group -> add

Does 2.0.3 in fact support NT groups at all?

Having sent this message I will immediately find that I did a dumb
and will have to sheepishly retract it.  (I hope.)


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