UIDs x GIDs on Samba-NTdom

Alexandre Lecuyer Alexandre.Lecuyer at iu-vannes.fr
Thu Apr 1 06:35:18 GMT 1999

Celso Kopp Webber wrote:

>         Hi all!
>         I've found a "feature" on Samba yesterday that may interest you.
> Sorry if this is already known, or if it was already discussed here
> (although I haven't seen anything lately).
>         I had one system with one user with UID #300, named User1, and one
> group with GID #300, named Laboratory.
>         Whenever I tried on an NT client add permissions to group
> Laboratory, after I select it on the list, NT showed in fact permissions to
> user User1. It came to my mind that the coincidence beetween one's UID and
> the other's GID was the cause. Changing GID for Laboratory solved the
> problem.

We had the same problem here... is changing the GID the only way to solve
this ?

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