Win95 <-> Win95 browsing problem plus 2 other problems.

Christopher Robert Woods chris at
Thu Sep 17 01:07:13 GMT 1998

(smb.conf at the bottom)


Have a machine running samba (rpm -q reports: 

I have it setup as PDC (or at least it is setup that way as best I can 
tell) of the WOODS domain.

I have 3 problems.  Foremost, I have 2 win95 machines on this test 
network and that is it for now.  Right now they can both browse the 
samba server in Network Neighbourhood, and they can browse 
themselves, but not each other.  When I try to browse wks1 from 
wks2 I get:

\\wks1 is not accessible.

There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon 

Now, both machines are setup to use user level security and to get 
their info from the WOODS domain server, however I can't seem to 
set any share permissions on WKS2 (just added tonight) as it 
says the list of users is not available at this time!?

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here?  On both 
machines logins to the domain seem to work fine, as I get a home 
dir and everything.

Problem #2 has to be related to the above issues.  I downloaded 
the nexus software from MS (it is user manager for domains, server 
manager and something else ported to win'95)

I can see the user list in user manager but I cannot do much else.  
If I try to view the properties or add a user I get a 'unable to edit 
users at this time'.

Could this be tied into the above?

Lastly, can someone point me to more info on smbmount.  It 
doesn't work, and I guess that is because it is being phased out.  If 
so what should I do to mount shares on the samba server?  
Pointers to docs would be great!!

smb.conf follows:


workgroup = WOODS
server string = Samba Server
load printers = yes
security = user
;encrypt passwords = yes
local master = yes
os level = 33
domain master = yes
preferred master = yes
domain logons = yes
wins support = yes

Do I need to go security = server?

Any help is appreciated!!!

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