nt wkst question...

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Sep 28 13:40:43 GMT 1998

Eric Warnke wrote:
> More questions.... now that I have the NT wkst in the domain. 
> It was waiting for the doamin controller = yes smb.conf paramater.
> 1) How do I get login scripts working under NT, they 
> werre working fine under 95.

They should owork the same ( i.e. login script = filename.bat )

> 2) Why does it take ~5 minutes to logout/login since I've 
> enabled profiles, smbd -d 10 dosen't seem to report anything 
> off.

Too broad a question without know more specific details.  Could 
be disk access on the server, load on the server, etc...

I have seen the NT statstion take a minutes or so to bring 
up the login box when it first attempts to contact the PDC after 
bootup or has been sitting for a long time idle.

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