Thanks to SAMBA team

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Tue Sep 22 10:58:56 GMT 1998

We have about 420 NT ws (SP3) -Acer, Dell, HP- in 7 classrooms operating
with 4 samba (redhat linux; HP vectra VL) PDC servers. The NT ws login
in the domain faster than with NS server (also, the first time :). The
profiles and policies (strongest) runs without any problem: mail
accounts, Netscape preferences, MS Office, McAfee virus scan, etc., etc.

We have the 2.0 prealpha (980904) CVS code.

Runs very fine.
Thanks again (and to the list people, of course).

Ignacio Coupeau, Ph.D.     e-mail: icoupeau at
CTI, Director              fax:    +48 425619
University of Navarra      voice:  +48 425600
Pamplona, SPAIN  

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