still problems with user accounts

sebastian hueltenschmidt shueltenschmidt at
Tue Sep 22 11:03:54 GMT 1998

>You wrote
>>well i got a problem...=20
>>i have got user account on a NT-PDC which i m supposed to=20
>>transfer over to a samba-pdc.=20
>>mhhh so far so good...=20
>>i made a test...=20
>>i logged in into the samba PDC which serves a Domain called MYGROUP=20
>>which is of course different from the NT-Domain for testing 
>>on this samba-PDC there is a valid user account which is exiting on=20
>>the nt-domain, too. this user has files on the samba machine, cause 
>>machine serves the homedirs anyway. i tried to open a file that=20
>>was created with this account, i can read it, but i can=B4t change 
>>what is the problem.. How do I set up the user accounts on the=20
>>samba-PDC in a way that the users can still work with their files?=20
>>i really dont know any further.. anyone out there who has 
>>migrating from WINNT to Samba with existent user and everything?=20
>>PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me...=20
>I suppose you can't get a solution for now. Remember, when you delete a
>in NT, it says that adding new one with this name won't permit to 
>his files.
>You have nearly the same case. And for now AFAIK UNIX<->NT groups 
>is not yet
>implemented. I may only guess that the last field in smbpasswd means NT
>user ID(?)
>BTW, I think alpha version is not that you really need now and you have
>to wait.
>I have experience migrating from WIN3.11 to WINNT4.0WKS running samba
>server in
>both cases. So now I have problems with=20
>a) Roaming profiles
>b) PDC availability
>c) Printing to server printer
>(a) and (b) happen from time to time; (c) is because I apply LAN MAN
>path incorrectly.
>Yaroslav Halchinsky
well,.... thanx... hhmmmm thats not fine, but to be sure it won´t
work problemfree is better as to be unsure if it works or not at all.

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