printing with win98

Michael D. Ivey ivey at
Tue Sep 22 02:04:05 GMT 1998

i snagged the latest and greatest from CVS on saturday, and everything
is working very well, except printing.  my 95 and 98 clients can
connect to the domain, the NT ws and NT servers (including winframe)
are all happy, and i've got my home dirs working smoothly.

printing isn't working at all.  smbclient -P works fine, but the
98 box says "an error occured, restart windows" yada yada yada...the
same error i saw listed in the archives a lot.  i tried mapping a
port to the UNC, and that didn't work, and neither did capturing
using net use.  i'm not sure what else i should try.

i can send the smb.conf if needed.  this is linux 2.0.35, redhat 5.1,
and win 98.  i haven't tested the 95 boxes printing, but if i can't
make 98 print i'll have to set up a 95/NT print server, which I
_don't_ want to do.  any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Michael D. Ivey, RHCE  <ivey at>
Senior Technical Manager, REALM Information Technologies
(770) 446-1332 x 114

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