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mathewss at nutech.com mathewss at nutech.com
Mon Sep 21 16:30:51 GMT 1998

 Its amazing the responses i have gotten from my original
posting. Many keep saying you cant use NT Server Manager
and most seem to think i am refering to "NT User Manager"
well the fact is that in 1.19 you could use both of them

 NT User Manager let me view the users that were on the
domain but not administer them. This was a very big step 
toward a complete PDC.

 NT Server manager would let me view the computers
on the domain and select them to do things like start
and stop services.

 Now i cant even get them to start and connect
to the domain without an RPC error killing them.

 Again i will state this the current build 2.0 on the cvs
tree does not support this anymore and is "Broken" with
some bugs in the RPC code specificly the logs show
it is having problems with not being able to find the
fd that should be open to answer the Query from the NT
box, And the 1.19 version connected to the PDC just fine
although there were some strange things like in the user
manager you would oftine see users doubled up upone
first connecting to the pdc.

 So again it did work and i have now done a make revert
and it works just fine again. I sure hope someone is 
aware of the fact that it worked and now does not it 
seems like a big step back and is now less of a PDC
that it was several months ago.

 The sad thing is that i no longer have the src of the
working version as the CVS updated it all :(.. but I am
glad we have a good installer that does the revert.

  Sean Mathews Nu Tech CTO

struct SoftwareProfessional { 
  double salary;
  long   lunches;
  float  jobs;
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