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Yaroslav Halchinsky uccr at
Sun Sep 13 15:02:41 GMT 1998

Gerald Carter wrote:
> At 03:54 AM 9/13/98 +1000, Yaroslav Halchinsky wrote:
> >The first is when new user logs in a NT workstation samba creates
> >not the *directory* `profile' but *file* `profile' and in case
> >profiles do not work at all. Solution - create directory `profile'
> >first then log in - it works fine.
> root preexec scripts set for the profile share automate this
> entirely.
It would be enough simple preexec 'cos profiles are stored in users'
home directory. I know this is wrong but what is alternative?
> >Next, a week or about ago there was cvs version that permited changing
> >passwords from NT box. Now it does not, so the question is how
> >to download previous version of samba.
> Sorry.  The user password change has not been implemented yet.  To what
> password changes are you referring?
> >BTW, printing does not work, but the LAN MAN solution works pretty well
> >The server box is FreeBSD 2.2.7
> Again. it's experiemental code.  Much of the PDC functionality
> is **not** implemented.  Sorry if you had thought otherwise.
  No. I know the difficulties. And I have mentioned two problems
because they was absent in previous versions: `profile` had been created 
as a directory in 1.9.19* version of samba, and password changing from
NT box
worked until I updated samba sources. 

Yaroslav Halchinsky

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