visiblity of shares

Gerald Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
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You'll probably get more help off the main samba 
mailing list.  This is not a specific Samba PDC 
question.  Sorry.

At 10:00 AM 9/5/98 +1000, thwartedefforts at wrote:
>Is there a way to make a share not appear in the browse list to the 
>client other than suffixing it's name with a $?  That seems like 
>such a kludge.  I know the browseable parameter exists, but that 
>completely hides browsing of the share, where as I just want to 
>remove it's visiblity from the list of shares.  If I goto Start|Run 
>and enter \\server\sharename, I still want to be able to see it's 
>contents in an explorer window and such.  Also, the suffixed $ doesn't 
>keep smbclient from showing it (although I consider this a feature 
>for debugging purposes).
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