NT Service pack 4

Ken Mohr ken.mohr at wdc.com
Fri Oct 23 12:26:34 GMT 1998

I am running the latests samba grabbed from the cvs sight, which I auto
update the source every other day and recompile (depends what fixes were
added). I am also running 1 NT workstations and 1 NT server.  All which do
not have a problem joining or logging out of the domain.

Did you try removing the machine name from the password file and
then re-adding it?  Even with NT as a PDC, there has been known
problems with a NT box rejoining the domain to where the account would
have to be removed and then readded.  Just a thought.

Ken Mohr

On Fri, 23 Oct 1998, Matthew Geier wrote:

>  Well I tried it, and now my machine will not login to the Samba domain -
> 'System's computer account in the primary domain is is missing or the
> password is incorrect'.
>  I tried leaving the domain, resetting the machine account passwd (smbpasswd
> -am ) and rejoining - while it says 'Welcome to the LAW domain', after the
> reboot I get the above message.

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