nt password changing now works.

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Oct 22 16:37:06 GMT 1998

Dave J. Andruczyk wrote:
> As the docs say, to do "unix password sync" the passwords have 
> to be sent in clear text, which NT4 with SP3 or higher WILL NOT 
> DO, without a registry hack to allow plain text password 
> sending.   Check to see if your machines can send the password 
> in clear text before attempting unix passwd sync.  Easiest way 
> is to say "encrypt passwords = no" in the smb.conf file.

You have to set "encrypt passwords = yes" to get the PDC 
functioanlity.  Also re-read the smb.conf man page again.
The unix password  sync option sets the new password without
access to the cleartext of the old pasword.  That is why the 
/etc/password change is done as root.  The old password is 
sent encrypted.

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