Hilarious feelings, browsing success :)

Harald H Hannelius harald at penti.sit.fi
Tue Oct 13 20:28:58 GMT 1998

Wow, this is something I have looked forward to:

At home; a Win98 box behind a masquerading linux.
	The masq-machine is running samba pre2.0.0 PDC
	and I am logged in on it from the Win98 box, 
	using its resources like a maniac.

At school: In a different subnet than the modem pool a
	Samba 2.0.0 PDC.

I have the same logins and the same password on both PDC's.
On the win98 client I run Start->Find->Computer and type in 
the netbios name of the PDC at school. An vola, I get to use 
my home-dir and printer and all, even without typing any
passwords! From behind a masquerading machine, and over a modem!!

This is like in heaven. Thank you all in the samba team!

Q: Is this the 'goodness' of win98's browsing capabilites?

We are now considering migrating from Novell to Samba (300 users)...
At last we can have a network where users have *one* login and *one*
password. (The PDC at school is also a NIS/NFS server)

The only problem left is:

How do I get passwords synced reliably? I haven't go this working
yet. Seems like smbd doesn't like my version of yppasswd.
Oh well. I could also write a small passwd program that does the same
as smbpasswd (namely: 'smbpasswd user PaSwOrD' :)

Thanks a lot, seeing forward to future releases that can act as
even stronger glue between different network arcs...

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