what about Active Directory Services?

Gerald Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Sat Oct 10 02:37:07 GMT 1998

At 05:20 PM 10/9/98 -0700, Paul Leach wrote:
>Not true. If all DCs in a domain are NT5, then any NT5 clients 
>and servers get full NT5 functionality. NT4 and Win9x don't. 
>(Acutally, they can get full NT5 functionality too -- by 
>upgrading :-). 

Yes.  That is what I meant to say.  Riddle me this then....

Using all NT 5 servers running Active directory, will they 
provide backwards compatibilty with NT domains?  In other 
words, does a NT4 domain have to run separately (and sych'd)
with Active directory?  Or does an AD server "downgrade"
when it receives an NT4 style domain login?

Just curious,
Batman (not really) ;)

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