Win95 user level share permissions

James Willard james at
Sat Oct 10 02:59:48 GMT 1998

   I have Samba 2.0.0prealpha (latest CVS) running as my PDC in my little
test network here. I have a Win95 client which I have been able to use to
log into the domain controller and valid the password. However, when
attempting to share a drive in Win95, if I have it set to user level access
control and obtaining userlists from my PDC, I am not able to add users to
that share's permissions. Clicking on "Add..." waits for a few moments and
then says "You cannot view the list of users at this time. Please try again
later." Is this a known problem between Win95 and Samba?

   I have security = USER on the PDC (I couldn't find any documentation on
security = DOMAIN, and Win95 wouldn't login with it enable anyway). I know
that User Manager and Server Manager cannot connect to a Samba server
currently, is this somehow related?


James D. Willard
james at


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