password server = Novell server ?

Sean E. Millichamp sean at
Mon Nov 30 03:43:50 GMT 1998

On Sun, 29 Nov 1998, Thierry Delaitre wrote:

> Is it possible to configure the 'password server' global option to use a
> Novell server for login/password authentication ? If not, would it be
> possible to use an NT PC as a gateway between NT and Novell Netware 4 ? 
> So, that NT clients would query the Samba server which would query the NT
> box which would then finally query the Novell server for login/passowrd
> authentication. 

Well... I don't think something like "security=netware" is currently an
option.  I see a couple of possible options:

1) If possible, setup Samba to use PAM and then use a PAM module for
authentication against NDS (or the Bindery).  Last time I looked at these
modules they were a little rough around the edges but that was a long time
ago and they should be significantly better by now I think.

2) As you said, use the NT server to handle the authentication
translation. I have never set that up before but I see no reason why Samba
would even know that the NT server authentication isn't happening locally
on NT.  I have a large client that has Samba servers authenticating to a
single NT PDC that has some AS/400 integration software to pass
authentication through to the AS/400 user accounts and it works just fine.  
Except for when the NT Server decides to drop off the network, that's why
I'd recommend option #1.  Netware is a lot more stable then NT :)


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