domain login problems fixed

Sean Mathews mathewss at
Wed Nov 25 21:42:33 GMT 1998

ok i found it i did a trace -d 20 but it showd no new info 
but if you still need it i can provide it.

the problem is is getsmbfile21pwent(void *vp)
on line 290 

 pstrcpy(samlogon_user, pw_buf->smb_name); 

samlogin_user is a global :( ugggg.. and is the same pointer
as is passed into iterate_getsam21pwnam(char *name)

so you can image what happens next..
im going to see what happens if i just remove this pstrcpy() 
and see if there are any adverse effects.

  Sean Mathews Nu Tech CTO

struct SoftwareProfessional { 
  double salary;
  long   lunches;
  float  jobs;
  char   unstable;
  void   work;
  short  tempers; 

On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Sean Mathews wrote:
> > 
> >  Ok cool that fixed my login problem maybe the problem
> > i reported is a non issue though i will dig into the code
> it was definitely an issue.
> > a bit and see how it reacts with this fix.
> >  New problem :c) it never ends does it? :c)
> nope.
> >   Now that i am able to add myself to Global groups 
> > with such ease now i need to be able to add myself to a local grup.
> > when i pull up my info for my account i am part of "Domain Admins"
> > and "Domain Users" but I am no longer part of any local group.
> > This leads to the inability to say log on localy as that right
> > is granted to the local group users etc..
> >  Any ideas?
> yes, you will need to create an entry in private/ for one unix
> group.  except that i know i have a crash-bug with the "local group map"
> and "domain group map" code oops.
> except a) access to is down at the moment b) i'm trying
> to do an LsaLookupNames call in rpcclient.

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