make problem with Samba2Beta1 and SunOS4.1.4

Carlos Henrique chenriq at
Thu Nov 19 13:09:56 GMT 1998

> Yep, I had that problem too, and my quick and dirty solution was > to 
> put extern references in the offending c files. 
> (straight out the sunos 414 getopt() man pages) 
> ... 
> extern char *optarg; 
> extern int optind; 
> that seemed to fix the problem, though the fix is quite ugly. 
> Hope this solves your problem! 
>> From: CHENRIQUE <chenriq at>
>> To: samba-ntdom at
>> Subject: make problem with Samba2Beta1 and SunOS4.1.4
>> Date: Terça-feira, 17 de Novembro de 1998 17:59
>> I had a problem in make process of Samba2.0.0Beta1.
>> I am using gcc 2.8.1, SunOS 4.1.4 in a sparcStation 5, and >>the error
>> message was: ...

Thank you !
It works! I wrote that two lines on the top of smbpasswd.c program and the
problem was solved.

But, I think that it is a little bug, isn't it?


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