Quotas in RedHat 5.2

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at www.buffalostate.edu
Thu Nov 19 13:40:53 GMT 1998

> I've followed the steps to getting quotas going in Linux as documented in
> the Quota Mini-HOWTO.  However, the auto configure for samba produces:

Did you make sure you mount the partition you want with quotas, with the
"usrquota" option in /etc/fstab??

> Has anyone else had any luck with this under Linux?  Just a side note, in
> case I really have something messed up, the "quota" command does not
> report any quotas for me, but the "repquota" command does.  I might have
> something missing.  What does autoconf look for in enabling quota support?

the missing mount option causes "quota" to not give any info.


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