Encrypted PWD

Víctor Pons Colomer is04797 at salleURL.edu
Tue Nov 17 20:55:16 GMT 1998

Hi, people, I have a little (or not) question...

Here is the scene: We have a network with 2 HP, 2 UltraSparc and 3 linux,
all off them using samba 1.9.18.
All my users uses to mount their home from their 95/NT boxes.
Now, we have set a local net with NT boxes, routed with a debian Linux to
the big net and internet.

My problem is that whe need to use NT Domain logons and system policies,
but they can mount our debian router homes trough these NT boxes, but not
the other servers on the net homes (Hp's, etc...) as they are not using
encrypted pwd.

Is there any way to send encrypted pwd to use domain logons, and plain pwd
to mount shared homes on the other net ? Or maybe other ideas?

Setting encrypted pwd on the Hp's and other is not the solution as we are
using NIS.


Viktu Pons Colomer
Col.laborador del Centre de Serveis Informàtics CSI
Department of Computer Science
Escola d'Enginyeria la Salle                    Telf:   07 972026
Universitat Ramon Llull                         E-mail: viktu at salleURL.edu
C/ Balmes 1						viktu at grn.es
17144- Colomers (GIRONA)

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