Quotas are in again

Dejan Ilic svedja at lysator.liu.se
Thu Nov 12 22:18:52 GMT 1998

Hi everybody.

 My changes that enables quota-support in Samba, is in now and I
 encurage everybody that have a need for quotas it to test it.

 Nothing fundamental has been changed since Samba 1.*. Still the code
 need to be tested on all the systems. The most important changes in
 my opinion. 

 *) The input/output variables no longer are int but SMB_BIG_UINT,
    same as dfree uses.

 *) Quotas-files are splitted up in two files, one with th actual
    system-dependant quotas-code and one with a system-independant
    dummy code that allways fails (returns FALSE). The later is
    compiled in when "--with-quotas" is NOT selected during

 I have tested the code on Solaris_x86 2.6 but I find no reason why it
 would not work on Solaris for Sparc.

 As I have no root-access to the other systems for which code exists
 in quotas.c I would like if other could confirm/deny if the code
 works on these systems. The OS's in question are LINUX, CRAY, 
 SunOS-4, OSF1, IRIX 6.2, AIX, HPUX, FreeBSD & OpenBSD.

 Of course, anybody that wants to add support for other platforms are
 welcome. But the final decition is allways in the hands of the
 great Samba team.


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