Alex Knowles alex at
Fri Nov 13 10:51:59 GMT 1998

I apologise in advance for the newbieness of this question,
(especially if it is posted to the wrong place).

I'm about to set up a freebsd file/mail/print/web server for the office, The
office uses NT workstations, with an nt and exchange server running the
domain.  Will it be possible for samba on the BSD box to be primary domain
controller for all this?  I heard somewhere that samba doesn't like NT
password verification.

In the first stage I shall be leaving the NT box as domain controller, but
would like to kill that off as soon as possible.  Leaving it just to handle
exchange for those that want it (eugh!), and as a development box for
running asp scripts etc.

Again I apologise if this is the wrong place to be asking such a basic
thanks in advance alex

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