First login doesn't mount NFS automounted home directory

Gerald Heinig heinig at
Thu Nov 5 17:44:32 GMT 1998

Hi all,

We're having a few problems with a Samba version CVSed about 2 weeks
ago: When I introduce a new user to the system, he can only log in via
Samba *after* he's logged in at least once under UNIX on the server!
When a new user  logs in to NT with Samba, the error message produced is
that NT can't find the server-stored profile and uses the local one
instead. The log files indicate that a chdir to the user's home
directory didn't work, although the automounter is mounting the home
directories via NFS without any problem. When the user now logs in to
UNIX (where everything works fine) and logs out again without doing
anything, and then tries to log in to NT/Samba, everything works OK.
I'm using NT4 SP3 / Samba NTDOM CVS as of 2 weeks ago ie. 24 October-ish
and Solaris 2.6/ SPARCstation 20.

Is this a known problem or does anyone need logfile output?



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