Help! v1.9.19 profiles not loaded in 2.0.0

Michael Keightley mk at
Thu Nov 5 17:25:30 GMT 1998

The version of Samba PDS we are currently using (1.9.19-prealpha) doesn't
seem to work with SP4 of NT 4.0 so I've downloaded the latest version 
(2.0.0-alpha11) via CVS.
When I try to use this version the profile of users that are NOT in the 
"domain admin group" list is not loaded!   No errors appear in the log files.
The only way to fix it is to remove the users profile directory or
profile/NTUSER.DAT file from both the PC and home directory.  Are the profiles
between these versions incompatible?  Is there any other way to fix this than
deleting everyones profile and starting again??!!!


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