Capacity reporting problem

Dejan Ilic svedja at
Tue Nov 3 18:52:13 GMT 1998

background: Win98 against Samba-domain with todays code.
Problem: The share reports incorrect size of partition but correct
free space (probably)

Connected the share to a drive and checked the free space.

Solaris view of the world (12GB RAID-5 partition)
Real space on disks: 13029980 * 1024-blocks capacity,
                     11308303 * 1024-blocks used,
                     1721677  * 1024-blocks free.

Reported by Win98:  4 227 793 920 bytes capacity,
                    2 492 356 608 bytes used,
                    1 735 437 317 bytes free.

Reported files system is NTFS.

Is there a Known Limitation in Win95/98 on the sizes of network shares
(4GB ?) and I'm seeing the values modulo 4GB ? Or an incorrect
assumption by Samba ?

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