Admin equiv creates root owned files

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri May 29 15:19:44 GMT 1998

Tim Winders wrote:
> > .SS admin users (S)
> >
> > This is a list of users who will be granted administrative 
> > privileges on the share. This means that they will do all file 
> > operations as the super-user (root).
> >
> > You should use this option very carefully, as any user in this list
> > will be able to do anything they like on the share, irrespective of
> > file permissions.
> I read this, but disagree with how it should work.  Is the ONLY 
> thing it does is FILE permissions?  Are there other "domain" things 
> that might pop up in the future?

The "admin users" parameter has been around long before the NTDOM 
code.  Not sure what you mean by 'other "domain" things'...

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