Update: Machine accounts invalid

Kevin Currie x7currie at lab2.cc.wmich.edu
Thu May 21 17:13:37 GMT 1998

> Your only option other than re-entering the
> domain is to dump out the machine password
> using Paul Ashton's lsadump, and manualy 
> edit this into the Samba PDC machine account
> password.

	That's the problem... I cannot re-enter the domian until I do a
"smbpasswd -m machine machine" on the Samba PDC, which has to be run as
root.  I'd like to see a way to get the machine password to be able to be
reset by a lower security user (such as a grad assistant, lab tech, etc)
so that they can fix a downed machine without having to contact someone
with root access to the campus network.

Kevin Currie

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