Update: Machine accounts invalid

Jeremy Allison jallison at whistle.com
Thu May 21 16:50:34 GMT 1998

Kevin Currie wrote:

>         When I say rebuild, I'm talking about a format of the HDD... which
> in a lab enviorment tends to happen quite often, especially since MS uses
> this damn registry thing.  It is far easier to "clone" an image of a HDD
> around the lab then go to 100 computers and indiviually fix little bugs.

When you reformat the HD you have lost the
machine account password. When you reload from a
previous 'clone' snapshot you have re-loaded a 
previous machine account password. As this was
randomly generated on the machine you made the
snapshot on there is no way for the Samba PDC
to know what that password was, hence the 'bad
password in domain' message.

Your only option other than re-entering the
domain is to dump out the machine password
using Paul Ashton's lsadump, and manualy 
edit this into the Samba PDC machine account


Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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