Update: Machine accounts invalid

Dana Canfield canfield at uindy.edu
Wed May 20 22:19:34 GMT 1998

Are you using ghostwalker or something similar to change the machine's SID on
each machine?
As I understand it, changing the machine name is not enough.  When you use
ghost or other
imaging software, the SID stays the same as the original machine you cloned
until you drop out of the domain, then
re-join.  At least, that's my understanding.

Kevin Currie wrote:

> Okay, here is what is going on.  This must have changed in the newer code,
> because what I was doing worked before.  I can only connect to the domain
> when I use a "change domain" from control panel/network.  And, I can only
> do this immediately after I reset the machine account's password with a
>         "smbpasswd -m machine_name machine_name"
> Here after everything works fine until the machine is moved to a different
> domain or (this is the big problem) I rebuild the machine (either from
> scratch or using imaging software).  Once this is done, I have to reset
> the password again.  Is this supposed to happen like this?  The reason I
> ask is because I used to be able to rebuild the machines and change the
> netbios names without having to rejoin the domain and everything would
> work nicely.  This is also a problem for me because I don't have root
> access on the samba PDC to reset a machine account every time I rebuild a
> machine.  (I have a linux box that I do all debugging on, then contact my
> unix sysadmin with solutions).
> Kevin Currie

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