Initial testing

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri May 15 11:35:47 GMT 1998

On Fri, 15 May 1998, Tavis Barr wrote:

> On Thu, 14 May 1998, Gerald Carter wrote:
> > > It has to be "smbpasswd -a -m HOLLAND", no? [vs. holland in lower 
> > > case -- TB]  Let me know if I'm wrong; I'm still having trouble with 
> > > the machine passwords. 
> > 
> > Shouldn't matter.  I haven't verified this in the source though.  Am
> > working on another problem right now.  The smbpasswd program should
> > insulate you from case anyways.
> Actually, I just tried it and it does.  It checks /etc/passwd, finds out 
> that there is no machine named workstation$, and exits.

this is correct behaviour.

>  On the other 
> hand, if you add workstation$ to the /etc/passwd file, then it adds 
> workstation$ in lower case to the smbpasswd file.  From what I 
> understand, the machine name has to be in upper case,

doesn't matter.

> and the password in lower case

does matter.

> -- but then I keep getting these machine password invalid 
> errors on the NT end, so I'm hardly one to know.

unjoin the domain; delete the HOLLAND$ smbpasswd entry; add the
holland$/HOLLAND$ entry; re-join the domain.

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